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Excuses, excuses... (Why I Can't Be An AYSO Referee?)

To save you time and effort, we have collected some of the usual excuses below for “Why I can't be an AYSO referee.” Since we've saved you some time by collecting these here for you, you'll have even more time to devote to refereeing!

1. “But I don't know anything about the game.”
Prior knowledge or experience with the game is not required. AYSO welcomes you at any level of knowledge, and will train you from there. With the investment of only one weekend day you can acquire enough training to help with matches for younger players. You'll know more about soccer after that one day than many people ever learn! If you have experience, so much the better, you can help others learn about the game.

2. "I don't have time."
As a referee, you can tell the referee scheduler when you are available. Better yet, you can "self-assign" your matches in our Region. Refereeing is a perfect volunteer job for those of us who have busy schedules. You can work with the referee scheduler to pick games and times that are convenient to your schedule. There are many ways to make it work. You may pick games before and after your child's game. You can referee your own child's game. Some weekends you may be traveling; just sign up to referee for the weekends you will be in town. Most of us are going to be at the field for our own children's games; you can see the game very well while you're refereeing.

3. "I'm not the right kind of person."
Yes you are. You obviously care about your child, your children, perhaps even all the children and your community. This is a youth development program run by volunteers. Concerned parents are exactly, precisely, the right people to be referees.

4. "I work."
So do the rest of us. Time with your children is a very special wealth.

5. "I'd be embarrassed."
The important thing is to approach the job with enthusiasm and enjoyment, because that will be passed along to the players and coaches. You will be teamed up with more experienced referees to help you through any tough spots as you get started. The difference between a very wise and experienced referee and a new referee is that the more experienced one has made more mistakes. Law 5 of the Laws of the Game states unequivocally: "The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final." Referees make their decisions and the game proceeds. Referees honor and protect the players and the game, and our AYSO organization backs them up 100%.

6. "I'm a woman."
Great! AYSO has many female adult and youth referees, and they are terrific. The Bay Area is home to some of the most highly qualified and respected women referees in the world. One of our locals is Kari Seitz, who has recently officiated at the World Cup and the Olympics. As a referee, you are a role model for our youth. You lead by example, showing our young women that they can accomplish anything and everything.

7. "I don't care."
If you are signing up your child to play AYSO soccer and you honestly don't care about the quality, safety, or enjoyment involved in this youth development program - then you do have the correct excuse because you can't be a referee. However if this last excuse does not apply to you (and we all hope that it doesn't) then we really do need you.

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